Testimonial of Candidate feedback, APLS & PLS courses

After doing the ACLS (Adult-provider) course last year, I opted to do the PLS course shortly before the APLS this year.

The reasoning being that if the ACLS (a 2 day course) was intense, then the APLS over 3 days would be more so. I hoped that doing the PLS would help me be more confident and relaxed during the APLS. But what I experienced was far better! Both courses are geared at slightly different levels, with the PLS being more skills / procedure oriented and the APLS being scenario oriented.

I got more time and a chance to revise the basic skills learnt in PLS, along with the real life scenarios in APLS.

It has made an amazing difference to my confidence in dealing with sick children.

The discount voucher was the icing on the cake, as it almost makes the PLS course free!

Thanks a lot, APLS. 

Candidate feedback, APLS & PLS courses