PLS $250 Offer Terms & Conditions

PLS $250 Offer

Terms & Conditions

‘PLS candidate’ refers to any person who has successfully completed the one day Paediatric Life Support course.

‘APLS course’ refers to the three day Advanced Paediatric Life Support course.

'APLS' refers to Advanced Paediatric Life Support, Australia.

1. This offer enables any candidate from a PLS course after 1 March 2013 to a $250.00 reduction in their APLS three day course fees. The APLS three day course must take place within 6 months of their PLS certification.

2. To be eligible, candidates must:

a. Have successfully completed a PLS course in Australia after 1 March 2013

b. Book an APLS course online

c. Book an APLS course in Australia commencing within 6 months of their PLS certification date

d. Be eligible to study on an APLS course

e. Funded candidates are not eligible for the $250 discount; i.e. candidates whose PLS or APLS course is funded by their place of work. 

3. This offer is valid for any APLS course, and valid for candidates who have studied on PLS courses after 1 March 2013

4. Vouchers will be issued as a code redeemable at checkout to the value of $250.00 only. Vouchers will be supplied by APLS head office administrative staff on request. Candidates wishing to apply for this offer should first choose their intended APLS course, then request a voucher from APLS staff along with proof of PLS certification. Vouchers are valid for single use on the chosen APLS course only, and for use by the named candidate only.

5. This offer is valid between 25/06/2013 and 31/12/2018 exclusively.

6. $250.00 vouchers cannot be redeemed against any other APLS product or as cash.

7. Vouchers will be distributed at the discretion of APLS administrative staff.

8. APLS reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw this offer at any time.