‘Advanced Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach' is a comprehensive clinical handbook for the wide range of paediatric emergencies. 

A companion to the structured approach practised on APLS courses, the manual was first produced by the UK’s Advanced Life Support Group in 1993. The publication draws on the knowledge of an international working group and editions are updated regularly.

The 416-page, full colour ANZ edition was adapted specifically for use in Australia and New Zealand by APLS in 2012. It contains the latest procedures, medications and clinical best practice to match the guidelines of the Australia and New Zealand Resuscitation Councils. 

This edition is available in both print and e-book formats. Click here to download a preview of the e-book

A copy of the manual is included with registration to every APLS and PLS course.

Further copies are available from APLS for $103.95 plus postage which varies depending on state. Contact APLS to order a copy.

Read our frequently asked questions for more information about the different formats. 

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