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APLS Australia Statement on Paediatric Resuscitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic (14 April 2020) 

Paediatric Basic Life Support algorithm jpg pdf

Paediatric Advanced Life Support algorithm – with COVID-19 considerations jpg pdf

Paediatric Advanced Life Support algorithm jpg pdf

Cardiac Arrest Management algorithm jpg pdf

Asystole / PEA Management algorithm jpg pdf

VF / Pulseless VT Management algorithm jpg pdf

Choking Child algorithm jpg pdf

Anaphylaxis algorithm jpg pdf

Bradycardia algorithm jpg pdf

SVT algorithm jpg pdf

VT algorithm jpg pdf

Initial Management of Coma algorithm jpg pdf

Status Epilepticus algorithm jpg pdf

Spinal Imaging, Referral and Clearance algorithm jpg pdf

Intubation checklist jpg pdf 

Failed Intubation checklist jpg pdf 

Hyperkalaemia Management algorithm jpg pdf

Blood and Fluid Therapy in Trauma algorithm jpg pdf 

ARC / NZRC Newborn Life Support algorithm jpg pdf


These algorithms were created for the Australia and New Zealand Edition of ‘Advanced Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach 6th Edition’, published 2017.

All material (c) APLS Australia 2020, permission for non-commercial use is not needed. Algorithms must be used as published, with no alterations. Algorithms are designed for use by trained medical professionals who have completed a full APLS course only. Permission requests for commercial use to or +61 3 8672 2800.