Educational Skills Development

Maximise your capabilities as an APLS instructor with our one-off Educational Skills Development course. 

Directed by Jane Stanford (APLS Educator), Kate Denning (ALSG UK Educator) and Bruce Lister (APLS and Centre for Medical Simulation faculty), this new two day program will expand on APLS GIC course content with an emphasis on practical techniques.

The Educational Skills Development (ESD) course has been designed to support APLS instructors to enhance their skills as facilitators of learning.

The focus during this two day course will be on the teaching modes of discussion groups, skills teaching and scenario teaching, and on feedback techniques. Participants will be given opportunities to develop skills as facilitators through discussion, practice and peer-to-peer learning.


The program will comprise 6-8 hours of pre-course preparation. This will include recommended reading, online videos and materials for you to prepare for facilitation of a small group discussion group, skills station and scenario teaching session.

During the course

Plenary sessions will be aimed at enhancing your pre-course reading and clarifying expectations of you in the small group practice sessions. Facilitation is a dynamic process, so the priority of the program is to give you opportunities to practice.

During the small group practice sessions, experienced faculty members will role play realistic APLS candidates and interact with you and your group in response to your facilitation. Following this, there will be opportunity for you to reflect and receive feedback from faculty and other members of your group.

Course Outcomes

It is anticipated that this interactive program will provide you with:

  • knowledge of current medical education practices
  • development of your skills for facilitating small group learning
  • measures to assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning


Registration is restricted to APLS instructors only. 

Course duration

  • Two days


  • $1300 (doctors)
  • $700 (nurses and paramedics)

Registration fee includes the Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors (3rd edition).

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